Casey Jonse Work-Clothes

EST 1922

We formed back in 1922 out of several locations in Virginia. Our aim was to create durable work gear for workers all around the country. We are the original owner of wrangler jeans and wanted to bring back the suave sensibility of the brand with a fresh modern flair. In 1944 Blue Bell Manufacturing Company took over our building and made it their new home. The rest is history. We’ve since grown to be a sizable company that provided work wear for customers with needs big and small all across the world.

Our current mission is to revitalise the Casey Jones brand to its former glory. We endeavour to do this by providing only the utmost of quality work gear for people far and wide. Workwear is simple enough, though we wanted to do better. Innovation is at the core of everything we do as we are constantly bringing brand new solutions to workers of all kinds. All the while still creating something that’s fashionable and comfortable to wear.



One Artistic Eye Deserves Another

Reliability is at the forefront of everything we do. We aim to be your one-stop shop for quality work gear. A brand you can always turn to when you need something to wear on the job. Our mission is to go above and beyond for our clients and bring them only the finest, most durable work gear money can buy.

A lot of work and passion goes into what we do. If we do our bit by creating products that make our customers happy, we believe we will get a return on investment through the form of business success. Due to this, customer satisfaction is one of the most important principles of our model. We live to bring joy to our customers by offering a solution to their basic everyday problems.

To constantly innovate is another one of our core principles. We aim to break the mould and provide a service that’s second to none. Every part of the process is to be done with boundless passion for what we do, constantly pushing to do more and more to our customers and bring them endless value.

American Workwear

durable – reliable – stylish

Casey Jones is an American work wear brand that provides durable, reliable and stylish clothing to suit a range of workers needs. We aim to help workers all around the world by offering a tried-and-tested solution to their everyday work problems. We’ve been in the business for decades now, being the original owner of wrangler jeans, we aim to revive the brand to its former glory.